5 Tips for Small Business Bookkeeping

small business bookkeeping


Keeping track of each and every business expense is not a simple task, especially if you aren’t a numbers person. Small businesses may not always have a financial expert on the team, but bookkeeping is necessary for keeping business on track. Using proper techniques can help make bookkeeping easier. Here are five tips for small business bookkeeping!


Separate Business and Personal Finances


Though you may have started your small business with personal finances, you want to create a separate business account as soon as it gets off of the ground. Mixing business and personal finances make it difficult to keep an accurate track of business expenses. It’s also a good idea to get a separate credit card for your business to further separate finances as well as build your business credit.


Keep Records of Business Expenses


Modern technology makes it easy to keep all of your business expense records in one place. Rather than having to hold all of your paper receipts, receipts can be scanned and digitalized onto your device. Keeping these records helps to analyze business progression and also allows you to see what expenses can be deducted from your taxes.




There are several software applications designed for bookkeeping and other accounting services. Cloud-based software gives you access to your financial information from multiple devices. It also keeps your data backed up in case of a technical malfunction. Handling your business banking online allows you to sync bookkeeping software with your bank account so that you always have accurate and current financial records.


Hire a Professional


If your budget allows it, hire a professional accountant to help you maintain your business finances. Though this will be a financial investment, it will help you save and manage your money better in the long run. A professional will be able to assist you in finding the best software for your business and offer advice on how to use it. If you want consistent help managing your finances, a long-term accountant will provide continuous services to ensure the most success possible for your business.


Quarterly Review


Keeping track of your business expenses isn’t enough to make it grow. It’s important to analyze the data that you are reporting so that you can see what’s working and what needs to be changed. Each quarter, do an in-depth evaluation of your financial records. Look for things like growing or declining sales, the number of late-paying customers, and the amount of revenue. Come up with a plan each time you review to improve sales and revenue while eliminating unnecessary expenses.


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