Is It Time To Delegate Tasks as a Small Business Owner?


You might think as a small business owner that you need to do everything yourself. This could put your business in a bad situation where you are running behind due dates and feeling overworked. Along with taking the load of work off of one person, the decision to delegate tasks grows your business


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Signs That It Is Time To Delegate

Hire someone that you trust to complete tasks just as good as you do (or maybe even better!) These five signs will help you determine if it is time to delegate tasks. 


Decision Fatigue

As a small business owner, you only want what is in the best interest of your company. Making too many decisions in short periods decreases your ability to make those good decisions. Small tasks and decisions that could be made by someone else can reduce this fatigue.


Routine Tasks Take Up Too Much Time

Running a business should not be taken up with simple daily tasks. Your time is too valuable for this mundane work. Have someone else accomplish these tasks.


Late on Due Dates

Are you constantly missing deadlines you set? Struggling to keep up with your workload means you are failing to prioritize what is important and delegating what is not. 


Staff Is Under-worked and Underdeveloped

Your staff’s knowledge should develop as they work for your business. By giving them meaningful work, they will feel more engaged. Improve their skills by giving them more work.


Struggle With Responsibility In Others

You might feel nervous about handing over your work to an employee or outside agency. Lack of trust in others when deciding to hand over tasks wastes your precious time as a small business owner. 


Make Yourself a Better Delegator

Once you determine when it is time to delegate tasks, continue to grow your delegation skills. Create a habit of considering delegation. Always ask yourself if there is someone else that can complete the tasks. 

Continuously train your staff. This not only builds their skills but also makes it easier for you to trust them. Ask them for feedback after the tasks are completed to help you with delegating in the future. 

Ranking tasks are beneficial when you need to determine what should be delegated. Instead of trying to do everything simultaneously, you can set a timeline and pass along what is not worth doing.

Delegate Your Bookkeeping Tasks

Delegating increases productivity and is essential in your small business’s growth. It is an important skill as a business owner. 

PL Consulting works with small businesses that need to delegate their bookkeeping tasks. We are not your everyday bookkeeping firm. We believe in customizing your experience with specialized and professional services, while also offering support for future planning and productivity. 


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