How to Attract New Customers to Your Family-Owned Business

Determining how to attract new customers to your business is a challenging task that changes frequently. Increasing your customer base should be a top priority. These simple tips will help you attract new customers to your family-owned business


New Customers

Focus on Current Customers

Your current customers bring in new customers. A customer’s positive experience with your business encourages them to leave reviews online. Potential new customers can see these. If you build a relationship with your current customers, they will be more inclined to talk about your business with friends and family. Set up a process that incentivizes current customers to leave referrals. These referrals are important and beneficial, but an effort still needs to be put in to attract these new customers to your business. 


Research, Research, Research

Attracting new customers requires time and research. Secondary research has already been done, so use that to your advantage. If your business has enough budget, develop primary research. Surveys and focus groups will help see what your ideal audience has an interest in. You can also determine their buying behaviors, what types of media they prefer, and information on their demographics. 


Run Social Media Campaigns 

Social media campaigns can help your business attract new customers. You can engage and target new audiences with marketing tactics. Use your research to target audiences that use each platform the most. 


Another successful way to attract new customers is by running social media giveaways. Have each person tag a few friends to enter, which encourages new people to check out your page. Do not be afraid to get creative with these giveaways, but make sure they align with your ideal customer base.


Utilize Your Website

Keep your website updated so that new visitors have all the right information. Show any promotions on the website that will incentivize them to make a purchase or schedule your services. Answer questions with an FAQ page, chatbot, or provide contact information for them to call. 


Get Involved in the Community

Find any local events or fairs that are happening soon. Consider setting up a table, passing out promotional products, or sponsoring the event. This will get your name out to people surrounding your business. Another way to get involved with your community is to support local schools and charities. 


Grow Your Customer Base

Growing your business and customer base takes time. Find what works best to attract new people to your business. Show new customers that your family-owned business will be important in their lives. Attracting new customers may take trial and error, but you will eventually find the right process. 


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