Do you know your numbers?

Please tell me that you’re not still doing your own books! Get my new book on Bookkeeping Free! There are so many things going on with running a small business that it’s so easy for the business owner to lose focus on actually growing because he or she is so bogged down with everything else going on. Being a business owner is hard! So what is the answer? Delegate Stop trying to do everything yourself because if you try doing everything -you end up doing nothing. We do not do everything because we know that if we try to be a one stop do it all shop- the we ‘ll just be ok at a lot of things and we’d rather be amazing at one thing and that is bookkeeping. What makes us so good? It’s simple. We don’t do bookkeeping we do PRO- Keeping because we are proactive with our clients instead of reactive. Remember, we all have finite time and energy- and every minute we spend sending out invoices and running after clients is less time focusing on growing. As a thank you for reading this far I wanted to offer you a brand new copy of our book “Growing by Knowing”- just let me know where to send it and we’ll mail you a copy!

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Do you know your numbers?

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